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Addiction is Seductive, Powerful and Baffling...

An addiction has an impact on everything and everyone around it. It takes on a power and momentum of its own. It rips into the body, mind and soul of the person with the addiction. It damages relationships, finances, self-esteem, spiritual life, values, career and more. 

It robs people of their sanity and life... including the loved ones around the person with the addiction. I can make a long list and then go into a lot of details for each point. But then you know this and that is why you are here seeking some answers or support.

Assessment, Intervention and Hope

  • Maybe you just need to chat to someone to break the isolation?
  • Do you need motivation to take the next step to change?
  • Are you unsure if you or your loved one has an addiction?
  • Where do you go for treatment? An outpatient or inpatient programme?
  • Which treatment really has the best results?
  • Why is this so complex, after several treatments there seems no change and relapse comes back again and again?
  • How do I motivate my loved one to get help?
  • I have relapsed so many times after treatment and even going regularly to a support group (or therapist). Will I ever get my life back together again?
  • What is a Recovery Coach? Do I need Recovery Coaching?
  • Must I wait for this thing called "rock-bottom"?
  • My son needs help, but what about me? I worry about him all the time. My world revolves around him. What can I do for myself?


A full assessment is the first process that helps clarify the problem, the impact on the person, family and workplace and the most suitable treatment options - an outpatient or inpatient programme. In some urgent cases or due to financial constraints, there may be a need for a court order.

The needs and questions above, usually bring people to me. There are no quick and simple answers to these questions, because addiction is baffling. And it is cunning - and very seductive. By this I mean one has to work with addiction on many levels. It is not just about stopping the drug of choice (DOC). 

Because addiction affects the family and the individual's whole life, we have to deal with the whole person within the context of the family or current social environment. The self-esteem, life skills, socialisation, career, money matters, personality characteristics, spirituality, family dynamics, past history... Again a long list, but the issues for each family and individual are unique.

You can start by taking the Free Self-Administered Addiction Check-Up.


Usually, a crisis or crises, bring the individual, family or employer for an assessment. However, in many cases, the denial has become so strong that it disables the very process of help and support required. An intervention may take place during the assessment or be planned with the employer, family or other loved ones, to precipitate a crisis or utilise an existing crisis. The purpose is to enable the individual to come in for an assessment or to enter appropriate treatment directly.

I guide the significant people affected by the addiction, to plan and implement an intervention in my office, at home or in the workplace. Where required, I observe or coach the process in the home or in the workplace. During the intervention we offer the individual the most appropriate treatment option, based on the initial assessment and then negotiate with the individual the way forward.

Research shows that we no longer need to wait for that "rock-bottom" before taking action. An effective intervention can "bring the bottom up" and prevent further, unpredictable damages resulting from the escalating substance abuse and the progressive destructive impact on the lives of all concerned.

The destiny of active addiction is to end up in clinics, hospitals, rehabs, jails or in the morgue. This is a reality and not mere speculation. As such, an intervention can prevent these undesirable outcomes.

Please read and download my free article on "The Intervention: The Caring Confrontation - The What, Why and How" from the Addiction Resources page.

An intervention may also include Motivational Interviewing (refer to Wikipedia) to help some individuals with mixed feelings about changing their behaviour or not. It is preferable to deal with this ambivalence, in an empathic and non-judgemental way, before referral into a treatment process or to gauge readiness for change. However, I also regard the Motivational Interviewing process, as part of recovery and treatment, due to the fact that the denial system is part of the disease of addiction.


What about Relapse Interventions, Relapse Prevention and the role of the Recovery Coach? Click here to read more


Yes, the good news is, there's HOPE! Research, experience and the 12 Step Movement (e.g Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous) have identified  patterns and keys to understand and help break the destructive cycle of addiction.

More importantly, I know there's hope because I am also an addict in recovery. The 12 Steps and Fellowship of those in recovery is the backbone of my sanity and recovery. I know it works because I work the simple programme that has touched the lives of millions since the first two pioneers, Dr. Bob and Bill W., founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, began their journey helping each other in the mid 1930's.

The simple and well documented programme is both extremely practical and deeply spiritual. Simple does not mean easy! It entails daily work, deep soul-searching but results in ongoing personal transformation. For more information on my take on this, read my short article on The ABC of Recovery.

"Whatever I put before my recovery, I will lose" is a statement of real wisdom from the 12 Step Movement. It is a constant reminder to me not to become complacent or sit back and say "I'm cured, I don't need the fellowship or programme of daily action".

When I put my recovery and relationship with my Higher Power first each day, each moment, I find serenity, courage and hope to do what I need to do to live a full and meaningful life. This enables me to contribute to the lives of others and give back what I have so freely received.

Won't you join me? 

An Open Door...

Contact me right now and let's talk and find a way together to take the next step. Don't wait any longer! The longer you wait and hope it goes away, the more power you give the addiction and the more treatment resistant it becomes. Start now with a little step and break down the denial that interlocks with the addiction.

In doing anything, the first step is the most difficult ? Chinese proverb

I have offices in Claremont and Durbanville, Cape Town - click for map and directions

Take the Free Self-Administered Addiction Check-Up. Go to the link below.

I will be delighted to help you where I can.

You don't have to struggle alone like this for one more second.

To Your Wellness,

Peter Guess


p.s. Go to the About Me page for a "Letter from a Client..." and more information.

Free Self-Administered Addiction Check-Up

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